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Name: Aditya Ardu

Nickname/Alias: Adi (His little sister is the only one he lets call him that.)

Occupation: Force sensitive

Race/Species:  Pantoran

Current Age: 24

Gender:  Male

Height: 5 feet, 11 inches.

Weight: 180 pounds.

Appearance: He is built with just enough muscle to be considered tone, while his skin is a rich blue in color. His hair is long, just past the shoulders and most often pulled back in a ponytail or man bun. It is the color of lavender, with a smattering of black at the temples. His eyes are a yellow that resembled butterscotch candies, his nose is crooked and bent, as if it had been broken once before, while the rest of his face is high cheekbones and smooth planes. Most often there are gold markings on his face that identify his family name. There’s a scar that cuts through his eyebrow that looks like it was healed without medical treatment, another in his lip from where it had been split, along with a whole myriad of various other scars that littered his body. In his left ear is various piercings while there is another in his septum.

Clothing:  He has a black tattered leather jacket that he doesn’t ever care to part with, but apart from that, his clothes are wide and varied, as he is liable to wear anything, but it all has an expensive air to it.

Equipment: Couple of vibrodaggers and a blaster.

Force Powers: Telepathy, Force Listening, Force Sense.

Lightsaber Forms:   Form VI

Lightsaber:  N/A

Biography:   Adi grew up in a rather wealthy family, his father a greedy business man with a heavy hand, and his mother the poor woman that fell in love with him and learned too late of his violent tendencies. Most of his early childhood was spent with him aiming to pull the heat of his father’s wrath off of the women of his family, which consisted of his mother and sister. Most often when his father was going after one of them he would either act out and draw his attention, or physically put himself between him and them. More often than not he sported new cuts, bruises, and a whole slew of various other injuries.

When he was old enough to watch himself, and take care of his sister at full capacity, their mother started sending them off on cruise ships, long tours, and nothing but parties and being away from home, being away from their father, which the both of them took to without a second thought.  And it was like that for a while. Seeing fantastical sights, and as they grew older he started discovering the party life of each place they went, on each different ship.

Though when his sister turned fourteen, and he was nineteen, due to the minor talents that both of them showed in the force, their mother introduced a teacher, a master if you will, that began teaching and guiding them through the way of the force. Long trips on cruise ships, exploring the furthest reaches of the galaxy that they could, became long trips of hard work, meditation, exploring old temples, practicing forms, and improving on skills, and continued on for about five years…

Up until the night that they had off for once. One to take a much needed break, and enjoy the cruise they had been sent on. It was this same night that there was a fancy ball that all three of them attended. Most of the night was uneventful, until an impact rocked the ship, sending people into a frantic mess of chaos and screaming. Immediately he went to search for his sister, and was intercepted by their master, and shoved into an escape pod with firm instructions to stay, before he disappeared again. And when he reappeared, he was toting his sister along with him. And once they were both inside the pod, and it was sealed off…. He knew it was a good bye, silent but as loud as could be at the same time, all in a single look that he caught from their master…. And then they were gone. Shot off into space, left to drift in nothing more than an escape pod.

Strengths: He’s a decent shot with his blaster, unlike his sister,  and is rather well talented in throwing daggers and hitting things with a deadly accuracy. And despite the fact that he lacks hulking muscles, he has a physical prowess that when it comes down it it can be mildly terrifying. He is rather well gifted in reading people when it comes to their personalities.

Weakness: His sister Avi. She is the only person he is deeply comfortable around, and he’s stupidly and fiercely protective of her, which makes it easy for someone to get to him through her.  He is also one to act, before he thinks, which can lead to poor decisions, and worse situations.

Personality:  Where his sister is more of a social butterfly, he is quiet, and observant, getting a feel for those he is with, before he actually interacts with them. Though once he is around people that he is comfortable with he is more prone to shenanigans, having fun and all around enjoying himself and the people he is with. Also unlike his sister it could be said that he is talented at holding grudges, not over stupid things, but over the more real issues and problems that could crop up. His sister so far, is the only one that he trusts completely, and the only person that he could say that he is loyal to.
Name: Chi, Darth Svandeni

Species: Human, with a few genetic modifications.

Age: 28

Sex: All female.

Height: 5 feet, 4 inches.

Weight: 126 lbs

Appearance: Short in stature, her body is lithe, but there is a well defined layer of muscles underneath. Her body curves in a way that makes it clear that she is female, and it often enough to stop people in their tracks, and earn stares from others. Her hair is black with a blue-ish undertone, and falls in many choppy layers with the longest just brushing the top of her shoulders, with bangs that sweep aside to the left. Her face is round, but has a hint of angles to it, while her lips are bow shaped. Her eyes are close set, cat shaped, framed in thick lashes, and the color of amethyst that bleeds into red towards the iris. Her skin is pale, soft, and marred by a myriad of various scars and tattoos. All of which are easily hidden beneath her clothing, except for a scar that travels halfway from one cheek, across the bridge of her nose, and to the other halfway point of her other cheek.  Her ears are lined with a series of rings, and she also has a set of snakebite piercings and the bridge of her nose is pierced as well, though when on a mission or anticipating a fight, all piercings are absent to avoid having them ripped out.

When it comes down to the clothes that she wears, she can be found in revealing, and even scanty clothing that covers little, which she wears a black cloak over, with the inside of it lined with what looks to be blood red velvet.There are also points where dressing as such can be used as a distraction, so she seizes it whenever there is a call for such.  When it comes down to business she reverts back to wearing her sith robes, as she does have an image to present, doesn’t she? A common place in all of this is the boots she wears, made of leather, solid black, and they lace all the way up their mid-calf length.

Equipment:  Two lightsabers. The one that she uses the most is a staff that is around a foot and a half shorter than she stands, and when ignited, the blade glows a vibrant purple. She may have built it like that specifically, but she won’t tell. The second saber has an intricately designed hilt, and the blade is a forest green color when ignited. She also has several vibro daggers stored in various places on her being, along with a couple grenades, flash and not, because one never knows when it’s better to just blow stuff up and leave, then to actually fight, especially when everyone was going to end up dead anyway. She has a decent medkit on her ship, along with c case that holds various implements that look like they could be used for torture.  

Vehicles: Aranea- Horizon-class star yacht. Sleek in design, this ship is not the typical color, but is instead black, with faint swirling of purple and red in the colors. It is rumored that it was done to reflect the color of her eyes. The ship itself, she came into possession of, shortly after she reached master rank. She claims that it was a gift from the head of a gambler’s den, but it is most likely that she… persuaded him into giving it to her. The insides of the ship are pretty much the same as they were when she got the ship, apart from splashes of muted color that come from the random pillow or blanket, or even dishes.
Occupation: Sith Master…. and she’s been known from time to time to smuggle some stuff for extra cash.

Personality: In one word she can be described as cold. She doesn’t think twice about ending someone’s life, and uses words, just as much as actions to hurt, harm, and destroy those around her. It’s said when she has something to accomplish, she will do just about anything to get it done. She’s not below using low blows and fighting dirty, and most definitely does not bat an eye at killing someone that stands in her way, or thwarts her plans. The only real time she seems to show real emotion is in the throngs of a fight. She revels in combat, and seems to come alive with taunts, and moves that goad those she opposes into getting angry, and making mistakes. Deadly mistakes, when around her. And one may notice that every once in awhile she twitches, most likely from one too many applications of sith lightning.

Skills: She has had an natural affinity for force powers, and will often rely on them as well in a fight, along with everyday things…. Like reaching the pesky things on the top shelves. She had to work to reach the point that she is at with her saber work, and it was a long road that ended with her on her butt many a times, as it did not come to her as easily as her connection with the force did.  And as much as she will deny it, she still sometimes slips up when using her short handled saber, and instead seemed more proficient and well trained in using her saber staff.

Biography:  She was born to a pair of poor farmers on Coruscant that made enough to survive off of and that was it. The first six years of her life was pretty uneventful, apart from the one summer a plague killed off all the crops, and her father left  for the city to work and send money back to them. And Apart from all the little…. fires that seemed to crop up when Her little self’s emotions ran a little too high. Her parents didn’t realize it was because of her connection with the force, even at such a young age, but someone else did. In fact…. said someone showed up one day, and burned their farm to a crisp, stopping only to save her from the blaze, as if he had merely happened by when such a terrible thing was transpiring.

From there he spirited her away to his ship…. where all pretense of a rescue faded once they were on it. He promptly threw her in a cell, and took off. She was presumed to have died in the fire despite the fact that her remains were not found. It was easier to wrap it up like that.

It wasn’t long before she found that he went by the moniker Ron the Terrible. The first month or so in her captivity, she fought him as much as any five year old in an unfamiliar situation would fight…. before finally she accepted it. The first five years under him was filled with experimental serums and the like. The only ones that took hold were the ones that improved her strength (For such a tiny thing she can pack a punch), her speed and her connection with the force, which was already considerably stronger than what would be considered normal.  When she reached the age of ten, he stopped with the experiments, happy with what his results were, and began…. training her. He focused mainly on finding out what talents she had with the force to begin with, then worked with her to develop them. Occasionally, he would shake things up with lightsaber training, but it was never often, or for very long… as there were many a time where she had to stop him and remind him that his lightsaber was… facing the wrong direction.

Eventually though, she scoured books and any other knowledge she could that involved lightsabers, and started building her first at sixteen. By the time she reached eighteen, she had built a lightsaber staff as well, and favored it more than her first, as she licked the style of fighting she had developed to use with it, and the reach that it offered, as it gave an advantage of reach that small people like her normally lacked.

At age twenty, Ron decided that she was ready enough for her trials, and put her through them. She passed, mostly because she was ready, but partly…. because she didn’t let Ron die when it came down to using lightsabers during her trials. Which was important to her at the time, as she wouldn’t get anywhere if her Master had managed to kill himself during her trials. She lingered around for a couple more years after that, before she decided that it was time for her to be on her own. And in the few years following that, climbed her way up to Sith Master… while leaving a trail of destruction and chaos. When people said her name, some flinched, while others cringed…. because well… bad news followed her like a plague.

With the Kelet War coming into fruition, she seized it as an opportunity to throw the galaxy into more chaos. Just like many of the others that participated in it, she left a trail of destruction with her name imprinted on it. despite the fact that it wasn’t truly…. clear what side she was fighting for. And maybe that’s just how she wanted it.

All of this leads up to the present, which is about three years after she came into being a master...
Name: Zafirah (Last name unknown.)

Nickname/Alias:  Bird, Little Bird

Occupation: Force Sensitive

Race/Species: Kiffar

Bounty: 100,000 Credits

Current Age: 24

Gender: Female.

Height:  Five feet even.

Weight: 113 lbs

Appearance:  She is tiny in every sense of the word, from the height that she stands, to the frailty that seems to linger in her presence, to the fact that she was small boned. All of this she seemed at ease with. Despite her small size, she still has pleasant curves that are proportionate with her size. Her skin is cream in color, pale and smooth, or at least what’s seen that isn’t under clothing. Underneath is a myriad of crisscrossing scars that litter her body. Her eyes a pale, almost colorless ice blue, framed with thick lashes. Her hair falls to mid-back, the color resembling straw.

Clothing: For the time being it seems like her clothing is limited to the oversized tunic and pants that don’t belong to her.

Equipment: Nothing important.  A ring that her mother gave her in secret, silver in color, with a gem that resembled the same near colorless blue of her eyes. A small hand carved person, what looks like an old coin, and  several different ribbons in varying colors. Just a few meager little possessions that she managed to keep with her over all the years. Little trinkets that would seem useless and stupid to most, but to her, they are her greatest possessions.

Force Powers: Psychometry, force empathy, and precognition.

Lightsaber Forms: N/A

Lightsaber: N/A

Biography: Where most of the people who had found themselves in the unfortunate life of slavery had either been kidnapped and forced into it, or resign themselves to such a life to pay off debts and the like, she had no choice. She was born into a life of slavery. Which meant that she received very minimal schooling as a child, and worked at different menial tasks, and would have continued to do so for the rest of her existence…. had her master not realized that she had developed a gift. One that was very useful. The moment he realized that she could read the history of an object, he pounced on it. That moment came one day when he asked her to bring him one of his daggers that various nefarious things had been done with. She had picked the blade up, and immediately dropped it. He called in someone that also had the ability, and had them train her. As she trained, and grew, his uses for her changed. She worked in league with bounty hunters and other individuals to bring back escaped slaves, individuals that had double crossed him, and others that had otherwise done him wrong.

At age sixteen, he claimed her as his in every sense of the word. It was old enough to be considered a woman in his eyes. Shortly after was when she realized that she could read and discern emotions in a way that was almost unsettling to her. Afraid that he would capitalize on such an ability like he had her first, she kept quiet about it, and simply worked on it all her own.

By the time she reached age eighteen, her reputation had grown. There had only been a few people that had escaped capture when she was involved, and through the underworld there were whispers of not displeasing her master, as his ‘Little Bird’ was a great hunter of things despite her size. That everything was over if you had been marked by her master, and no matter how far you went in the galaxy. There had been hundreds of people by that time that she had helped in capturing through her readings, which came with just a touch of a finger by that time.  

Things went smoothly, until she reached age twenty four, a couple months ago from the present time. The first time she told him no was when the person he wanted her to hunt down had become her mother. The woman disappeared one day without a trace, she hadn’t even told her that she planned on escaping. That was the first night that he beat her so hard that he had cracked several ribs, and left her black and blue. She had received beatings before, but nothing as severe as this. That was the same night that he held her afterwards and sobbed, begging her to see why he had done what he had. She defied him. If he let her slide without punishment… well then everyone would think that they could defy him.

The next day was when she saw a vision of her master firing a blaster at her mother. She watched the woman crumple, watched the life fade from her eyes. And right behind her master she stood. It wasn’t a dream. Dreams felt different. It was a reality that would come to be. That was the day that she decided that she would follow her mother’s example and disappear. So for the following two months, she laid low. He didn’t press her about her mother, and instead gave her other people to find. She bided her time, and let her body heal. Then he finally sent her out on another retrieval. The one for her mother, and insisted on coming with her. She complied…. up until they reached the first planet they would search. It was then, that she turned against him, using his own stun gun to give herself a chance to escape. Surprisingly, her escape went smoothly, and she stowed away on the first cargo ship she could sneak onto, and when she got off? She found herself in a rather busy city, clueless as to what planet she was on. But it was better that way. Plus, her master didn’t have his little bird any more. She was certain he wouldn’t find her.

Little did she realize that the bounty he put on her? It would let a man live comfortably for a while. The hunter…. was going to become the hunted.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Strengths: Her strengths are most definitely nowhere in the physical department. In fact she looks like she’d probably crumple if hit hard enough. No, her strengths lay in  her cleverness, the way of quick thinking and problem solving, the ability to be rather dead on when reading and assessing people. Her psychometry is also very well developed, and most times all she needs to do is touch an object to get a reading from it. Not that anyone would find out, but she also has an incredibly high pain tolerance as well.

Weakness: She has very little in the way of physical strength and is not very imposing or scary at all. Living all her life as a slave, has left her with a lack of real world experience, and a painful naivety. She has no experience in  the way of fighting, and thus tends to run when confronted.

Personality: Quiet, she is one to stand aside, to linger in the background and observe, before deciding what she plans to do. Given her lack of physical prowess, she leans away from violence and avoids confrontation like a plague.  In fact she’s the first to run when things go bad. She is also rather timid and soft spoken, and finds herself more at ease in the company of women than men, for various and personal reasons. It is difficult to tell what kind of person she is, as when she does speak up it can come across as rude or blunt, and she seems to hold no indifference as to how it affects others. She’s lived her whole life worrying about offending certain people, and now that they weren’t in it any more, she was done caring about such.
So. I uh... I think I'm back? I can't make any promises because I have in the past, and then disappeared. So. I'm going to make an effort. No promises. Just actions. I'll be lurking on the chats. Where is any anyone any more?
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Watching those around me, I feel as if they all have a set of painted colors on a canvas, one for each part of their life, all set together, uniformed. That they're all lines, circles and squares, arranged in some intricate way that makes them different in their own ways, but similar to those around them. I, on the other hand, feel like a canvas that has been painted in a hurry, in one simple swipe. Where the painter has placed a multitude of colors on her hand, then without any careful thought, pressed the paint daubed hand against the rough surface of the canvas, and smeared it about. I feel as if the painter had no care as to whether purples sat between oranges and yellows, while the reds fought for dominance against the cooler greens and blues, that she didn't care how much black seemed to overshadow the whole painting, and drive out the faint veins of white that fought frantically to make an impression. I feel that all of this within the painting makes me into who, and what I am. I am my mother's child, but not. I am someone that follows no specific mold that society has set for young women. I am a painter. I am simply a blur, hidden within a world that has come to a standstill with accepting something of difference. I am myself.

Yes, I wrote that. Surprised? I was myself.

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